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by R Millns

I am a great hoarder. I cannot help it. I am so pleased that it is also environmental not to constantly throw things out, only to go and buy more… phew!

A friend and I were chatting about just this and before we knew it, we started to compare notes on who had used up odds and ends in the most innovative manner. I am sorry to say I lost too easily. Here are two great examples of how my friend Donna reuses or upcycles items she has at home:

Can you believe this gorgeous birthday present has been wrapped in left over wallpaper?

I was astounded that this funky photo frame started life as an aluminium drinks can; upcycling at its best. She makes them in sets of three… designers love the number three!

Now, these items have a new use and can still be recycled afterwards.

We are trying to encourage Donna to run an upcycling workshop, we’ll let you know when it happens.

Remember, if you have any ideas, we would love to hear them, just email us!

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