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I read recently that  ladies who have regular chats and outings with other ladies are far more relaxed and less reliant on drugs in times of need. I was speaking to a lady last week who has these kinds chats with three  friends, all known to each other for about 20 years. At their regular chats they each bring ‘something’ to swap with the other members. Each meeting they decide what the next swap should be, e.g. scarves, hats, books, shoes, handbags NOT husbands though!!!

The lady I spoke to related that they all benefited from the exchange of ideas, the thoughts and the  laughs and the swap item of the monthly meetings. This seems to me to be an ideal modern therapy. I myself went to my regular monthly book club meeting last week where the conversation ranged from, a recipe for a Canadian Pudding Cake to items in our handbags, one seventy year old proudly showing us her penknife, which we all thought highly dangerous. I left the meeting enthused and positive with a spring in my step.

So if you feel that a change will do you some good, just gather a few people around for a cup of tea and see what transpires.

Sadly not all change is so good. I went to the Library this morning  and looked around the display of the sadness caused by being forced out of your home and community, please go and look at the display

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