About Maidenhead Matters

Highlighting the importance of sustainability within our


Ever since the council declared a climate emergency and even before this, people within our local area were passionate about the effects our every day habits have on the environment.  Our website focusses on people, projects and the potential for a more sustainable way of life for everyone. 

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Our Story

Maidenhead Matters was founded by Patricia Buck and Donna Stimson along with the help of Jane Hutton, Marilyn Coppinger and Rushi Millns.  As a group of environmentally conscious residents we started to bring our ideas to life.

Maidenhead Matters has celebrated some fantastic achievements within our community such as the School Eco Art Competition, Charity Fashion Show, Spring Cleaning Litter Pick with Prime Minister Theresa May and the Plastic Free Refill Programme in Maidenhead.

This is just the beginning for Maidenhead Matters. If you are passionate about our environment and want to be a part of our ever growing story please get in contact with us on mail@maidenheadmatters.com.