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by R Millns

Plastic has become ubiquitous. It has become such an integral part of modern society but is it a necessary evil? We have been looking into packaging and the manufacturing process, which is important and we are making steps in this direction.

However, the daily photographs and news stories of our rubbish being swept down our rivers and out to the sea and then washing ashore makes most of us want to take more immediate action. We often take a moment in our regular meetings to share tips with each other, from taking our Tupperware to the butchers or the latest alternative to plastic. At the last meeting Mazz brought along a great alternative to cling film. These handy, reusable lids are BPA food grade silicone and come in a range of sizes to cover most standard bowls. They can even be used directly over fresh items, like melons.

This is just one way in which we can make a difference to the environment and reduce the amount of cling film going to land fill. If you know of any more, we would love to help from you, just email us.

Silicon lids for food

This product can be bought from many retailers, including Amazon.

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