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Reading through today’s newspapers we are bombarded with gifts ideas. Some items selling for ‘only’ £10.00 or £20.00. Well you don’t have to buy presents for ‘only’ 10 or 20 pounds, give your time and energy, so special to the recipient.

I have a daughter with a nearly three year old and a baby of five months, She needs help with the washing as she lives in a first floor flat with no tumble dryer, so she is getting 12 paper vouchers from me for help with the washing and ironing, wrapped in a pretty box that I received in the summer and I have saved.

I have another daughter, also with a six month baby, she has to go back to work so she is getting 12 vouchers for days  when the baby is not able to go to daycare. I will dash over and help, maybe bring the baby home or more likely stay and do some housework,  these again wrapped in a pretty box.

These two presents, which are worth their weight in gold, on the days when needed, I shall of course do what I have always done, wrap up a chocolate orange, the old favorites are still there.

I shall be off to the charity shop tomorrow to see what I can find for my husband !! Maybe i’ll see you there.

pb. 9.12.18





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