Maidenhead Matters at Kidwells Park in Maidenhead

Cox Green volunteers

Litter is everywhere and it should not be! Our community, our residents and we deserve better.

All it takes is for a handful of people emptying the contents of their car or leaving the remains of their picnic on the grass. We know it is not someone else’s job but our own to throw away our own rubbish. The accumulation of this litter can attract pests and make a pleasant area look unappealing.

For this reason, we are encouraging members of the community, with the help of our volunteers, to create action teams to undertake regular litter picks.

As Gandhi said, “We need not wait to see what others do.” Join MaidenheadMatters volunteers for a fun hour and make a difference to your community. To become a volunteer, please email us on

We have roving litter picks on a weekly basis, please follow us on Facebook to receive these updates.

Is there a public space in and around Maidenhead that needs the attention of our litter pickers? If you have identified a residential area that needs a tidy, contact us and we will help you form one of our litter picking groups, click here to email us.

RBWM councillors out in Maidenhead

Prime Minister, Theresa May, out on a litter pick.

When out litter picking, it is important to follow safe guidelines. Click on the link to download a PDF copy to share this with the team: Litter picking safety advice.