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by R Millns

I have spent the last few weeks talking a lot about plastic and recycling.

I have read plenty of articles and a number of people have started to talk to me only about plastic and recycling… someone even apologised to me for having a plastic bag! I had not even noticed.

I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that I do not stride around lecturing anyone – we all use a bit of foil – and we all feel guilty putting wrappers in the bin because they cannot be recycled.

So, why do some people feel the need to tut and shame others into doing the right thing? One of my students told me it was because people were too busy polishing their halo!

I am not sure about their halo theory but I do know that sharing your ideas and leading by example is a good approach. My friend, Patricia, does exactly this. After all, you catch plenty more bees with honey!


The odd potato and carrot ends go into a soup, shredded paper is used for protecting ebay parcels, scraps for her chickens and tupperware for the meat counter.

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