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Recently I attended the funeral of my Dear Friend Clive, I had told my children of his passing who all said don’t be silly he will last for ever, well he didn’t and I won’t and nor will you. At the Crematorium where the Service was to be held, I reflected on the last time I had seen Clive,  what did we chat about, it was about life, as always with him, and the birds that he had seen lately on his many bird feeders

This has made me think more about life, how we are not here for ever and that we should all make the very best of each day, so in the oven I have a chocolate cake cooking, made from items that were all in my cupboards, I shall take this to my grand daughters birthday party for the parents to enjoy. I shall look to see what else is hiding in the back of the cupboards that I can make use of. I am not alone in thinking that I must pop out to the shops to get some vital ingredient only to find later that I do have exactly that at the back of the shelf.

I have stopped hoarding NOW I am making use of everything I have, so my cupboards will be raided, what I do not really like will be taken to the charity shop, someone must like that ceramic monkey given to me ages ago, or used by me in a different way. I am going to think how I can inventive. remembering reuse, recycle, rethink, relove.

I am also going to use local shops, I went to the Marlow bookshop yesterday and the service I received was excellent, nothing like the click, click of online shopping, they spoke to me, shared their thoughts on my book I had chosen which I then purchased and have started already,

To finish, something I saw recently ‘think hips before chips’

Happy New Year.

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  • Donna Stimson says:

    What a wonderful blog – new shoots flowing from a sad event. If you haven’t experienced the joy of tidying the Marie Kondo way where most of your unloved yet perfectly good items can be recycled may I encourage you to try it

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